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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Proof of Progress

Progress and revisions have been made on the big list of projects.

knits: earflap hat, irish hiking scarf in progress
crafts: pretty fabric push pins, a lunch sack with a freezer paper image
practical: spice rack, utensil holders, shelving
sweets: vegan blackberry-smoosh cupcakes (invented recipe) revised to mupcakes!
chickens: door on the coop

The Irish Hiking Scarf is coming along nicely. Which is good, seeing as it's a gift! I'm about a third of the way done and totally in love with cables. I just need a few hours to get serious about it again. The last time I knit on it I fell asleep. Good grief.

I did a quick fix to take care of the shelving. It's not all that pretty. No photo.
The vegan-blackberry-smoosh cupcakes were procrastinated too long. No more blackberries. However, mupcakes! were born (see previous post) so I feel like that's a pretty good trade off.

The door on the chicken coop I can take absolutely no credit for. It was all Galen and his assistant Molly. I got a few looks telling people we were "rennovating our chicken coop" ... but really, it looks about a million times better. Much easier to get in and out. And no raccoon attacks. Not bad for a $2.50 door.

Plus, the chickies look so happy and cute in there (for chickens).

And lastly, I was wrapping up this gift for a friend today, and I just thought it looked pretty. Like, so pretty she wouldn't mind the banality of the gift inside. But really, what do you get the girl who jets to a new city each day? It's not like she wants to carry a toolbox or a tea kettle with her wherever she goes!

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Julie said...

i miss being around you and feeding off your artistic-ness and baking-ness. You inspire me...I love your knitting and mupcakes! They sound delicious! Love ya!