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Sunday, December 27, 2009

More Practical Knitting

Again on a trip to the desert, I took up the knitting needles.


I love love loved knitting this pattern. But, I can't remember what it is! I do know that it's available for free on ravelry.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Comfort Food

There's something about a rainy weekend (It's actully flooding here right now!) that just begs you to make pot pies.

Veg Pot Pie

Sadly my usual pot pie recipe is boxed up in storage, but I found a decent substitute. As it goes with pot pies, you don't really follow a recipe anyways.

This time I had a lot vegetable broth and soymilk mixture left over from the filling, and not enough regular soymilk for the topping. I decided to just use up the veg/milk instead of popping out to the corner market.

I think it worked.

I still had veg/milk left over so I baked it into a loaf of herb bread yesterday. Not too bad.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Bread Abroad

Now that I'm finally settling in to my new apartment (and new life) here in Abu Dhabi, I thought I'd take advantage of my last few days off of work. What better way to spend the day at home than by baking bread?

Bread Abroad

I looked to my usual basic bread recipe because I knew I had all the ingredients on hand (subbing soymilk for dairy, olive oil for butter). Then I added 3 cloves of garlic sauteed in olive oil and various shakes of thyme, oregano, and sage. As a fan of savory breads, I was pretty happy with what popped out of my oven. The flavor is mild but present and the texture is on the course side. A nice country styled loaf in this big new city of mine.