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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Crossing More Off...

More projects to cross off the list. I love progress.

knits: earflap hat, irish hiking scarf
crafts: pretty fabric push pins, a lunch sack with a freezer paper image
practical: spice rack, utensil holders, shelving
sweets: vegan blackberry-smoosh cupc akes (invented recipe) revised to mupcakes!
chickens: door on the coop

The Irish Hiking Scarf was finished last week or so. The recipient promises I can take a photo of her sometime soon to post.

Pretty fabric push pins were featured in a post a bit ago too. I love making them so much. I made a ton more tonight to shi p off to a few more friends. Feel free to make requests people, give me reasons to craft while listening to Savage Love and This American Life.

We decided not to go with the sp
ice rack and just put them on the shelf. But for the record, I did build one. A not so functional one, but still. I'm crossing it off .

The utensil holders are the latest bit of excitement at the Homestead. Do you know the best part of living in a house that will soon be demolished? You can kind of get a little wild with a hammer. Our forks, spoons, a
nd knives are very happy.

(again, sorry for the lighting. i seem to only think to take photos at night. as if there is much natural light in the kitchen anyways.)

That leaves just the ear-flap hat (postponed til Continental picks up) and the lunch sack (probably needing a sewing machine). Seems like now I'm going to have to turn my productivity to winterizing the house. Also known as the uphill-battle-we-will-never-win.

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Liz said...

i love how domesticated you are. so primed and ready to be plucked for marriage. haha jk! ya providence this weekend i realized how much i need a scarf for the winter months.

just thought id throw that out there as my request. a green scarf. id pay you for yarn!