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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Quilted Notecards

I saw this tutorial for quilted notecards a few months ago. Like usual, I started thinking of all possible occasions that might justify a new craft project. Two special birthdays seemed like the perfect opportunity!

The first step was to request blank notecards be sent over from the States (a difficult item to find here). It's so nice to have such a willing assistant in the form of my mom.

The cards arrived a week or two ago and it was time to get started. It was fun to pair up the pieces of fabric and each set only took maybe twenty five minutes total. This is definitely a project I will try again.

It only occurred to me later that if the recipients want to mail the cards internationally the fabric will probably bump up the postage! Oops!


Jamie said...

Very pretty!

Sarah said...

coolest birthday present ever!!! :)

shauna. said...

I love these!

Julia Warren said...

Those are super kewl. I want to make some.