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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Fruit Sushi

Last weekend I was browsing through the latest Vegetarian Times on a quick weekend trip down to Seattle. Even though I was mesmerized by all the recipes, "Whoa... now look at this one!" I wasn't in the mood to drop $5 on a magazine, when I have unexplored cookbooks at home. So when I came to a recipe I couldn't live without I went down the tacky road. After several whines of "I wish I had a photocopier under my shirt" I took out a pen and paper and just started writing. It turns out I didn't need to write it down, because I couldn't stop thinking about it. All the thinking led to some changes and the creation of Fruit Sushi. (Frushi?)

I think the results were quite nice.

Fruit Sushi

What you need:
Banana, mango, vanilla soy yogurt, berries, y-shaped peeler

What you do:
slice banana in 1" pieces
peel long thin strips of mango
wrap mango around banana with the mango slightly taller
fill in the extra mango height with yogurt
top with a berry

Note: Slice all the mango as quickly as possible. If you wait too long, (like make a few then get ready to go to a party), by the time you begin again the mango will be difficult to slice.


nikki said...

looks really good, Jill!

Julia said...

that looks awesome. and don't worry, you're not the only one who has copied down a recipe in the store before.

ashley said...

i always copy recipes out of magazines that don't belong with me. i think they make the food taste that much better. i remember eating these when you brought them to forrest's house. delicious.

[birthday contest].

ps. happy birthday!