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Saturday, May 10, 2008

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Want to know what a garden will look like if no one ventures in for approximately 8 months? (Ok first it was winter, then I was busy, then it was a crazy weather April...)

Garden Pre Weeding

I reserved today for an all out battle on the garden. I thought I might get to planting, but after 3 hours (3 podcasts of This American Life), I was ready for a break. Hopefully the planting will come tomorrow. I'm thinking veggies on one side, flowers on the other.

It looks better... right?

Garden Post Weeding


nikki said...

I think i'm the only one who ever waters the garden, and I didn't really even plant anything back there.

Our baby seeds didn't take very well. Had to pick up some bigger plants.

Liz said...

like talk on the phone? are you creating a list of questions? well i think we should talk anyway. let me know when u r free after 6 pm pacific time and ill call ya