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Friday, July 18, 2008

Bee Box or The Project That Never Was

Some time around February or March a friend suggested we make bee boxes. (The point of a bee box is to make a place where mason bees can lay eggs in hopes of the bees pollinating your flowers). Ever since I've been trying to explain to people why there's a chunk of wood on my kitchen table.

"So... what's that...?"
"Oh... that's my bee box..."
"A bee box...?"
"Yeah... um... well... it's not really finished... what happened was..."

And it's too late in the season, so it probably never will be. But... our intentions were good. This is the story of the Bee Box or The Project That Never Was.

So way back in March a friend proposed the idea of making bee boxes. We didn't exactly have the right tools or materials, but a little improvisation never hurt anymore. No block of wood? No problem, found one on the side of the road. No saw? No problem, we'll work our muscles with a hatchet.

We started out drilling holes around the wood Taune found on the side of the road. It was fairly difficult because the wood was still wet inside.

Bee Box

Bee Box

Next we hacked and hacked and hacked to split the wood into two usable pieces.

Bee Box

Then we had to wait several weeks (probably closer to 2 months) with the wood propped up against the heat register to dry it out. Shortly thereafter we began to drill the holes that the bees live in...except... the drill battery died... and so did the project.

So now I have a chunk of wood with a few holes drilled into it sitting on my kitchen table that never fails as a conversation starter.

Bee Box

Bee Box

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Taune said...

hee -- we will finish it some day. maybe we can make bird houses for your new place, too!