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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Garden Update

So I came back from Peru (you can see photos here) to find that my garden had exploded while I was gone. Very exciting... except for the peas and green beans that I had not staked appropriately before leaving.

Garden Update

I really wasn't expecting the peas to grow 4 feet! That's more than a foot a week! Since I hadn't staked them properly they were growing all over the ground and tangling up on each other. I sorted it the best I could. (These were left over peas that didn't fit with the others that have a climbing net... that's why they are in a pot.)


My first harvest was this romaine lettuce. It was very crisp and just lovely. We made it into a salad after washing it very thoroughly... little bugs up in there!

The First Harvest

First Harvest Salad

With the salad we had Potato Corn Chowder in soup form (I didn't feel like washing the blender). It is a favorite soup to make and is great with summer corn.

Potato Corn Soup

It has been fun to come home and cook with all the fresh fruit and vegetables from the garden and the farmer's makert. Ah, the best part of summer.


nikki said...

Neat! I MISSED you, dear. Although we don't see a lot of eachother, I missed your online presence ;) Can we plan a get together before moving and such?

Jeffrey said...

I checked out your Peru pictures and they were amazing! I love the colors they use for the outside of building and such. I am jealous of your garden as well. We tried to do a garden here in Utah and it was basically a 60% failure. We still have potatoes and corn surviving though.