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Monday, March 2, 2009

Supergrain Salad

I met a friend for lunch yesterday at Vita Cafe in northeast Portland. It's super great serving mostly vegan and vegetarian food... I'm not sure why they don't just bump the one or two meaty choices off. Maybe they are going for the reverse of most restaurant menus? (All meat plus one vegetarian option.)

Supergrain Salad

I had the Supergrain Salad which is a toss of quinoa, lettuce, guacamole, currants, pumpkin seeds, tempeh, and I don't even know what else with a carrot ginger dressing. Tasty.

I also really like that the back of their menu explains their philosophy in a non-threatening and understandable way. You can read it here.


tryingtobegreener said...

Such a yummy looking salad and such a great restaurant!

angela marie said...

i love the new layout!! what font is that?

and i changed my blog address name: :)

Jill said...

thanks angela! it's just a font from picnik...i didn't pay too much attention. this header is just a quick fix until my friend designs my new spring one. and your new blog is cute cute cute.