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Sunday, March 22, 2009

The 4 Hours of Sleep Bread

4 Hours of Sleep Bread

On those occasional nights when I don't go to bed until 3am, it would be nice if my body would allow for me to sleep a few extra hours. Unfortunately, 7:30am rolls around and my body starts screaming at me to wake up. Then I start screaming at my body that it's only 7:30am!

So, in a zombie-like state this morning I decided to bake bread. It didn't rise quite as much as I expected, probably because I forgot that whole step of kneading. Luckily, I remedied the situation and it tastes very good... not sweetish like that last loaf I baked. I also used half white flour and half whole wheat flour, and I think that is a much better plan than all white.


tryingtobegreener said...

I wish I could make something half as good as what you did with 7 hours sleep!

Jill said...

you're too kind!