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Friday, January 23, 2009

MLK Jr Loved Homemade Bread

I can't say that definitively, but most people do, so I feel like it's a safe assertion. Naturally, I spent the MLK Jr holiday in my kitchen baking bread and making soup.

It was my first bread attempt aside from a failed batch of pita bread several years ago. I had it in my head that bread was hard, but this bread... pretty easy. I followed this basic recipe from I liked the way it turned out but I think I'll try for something more savory next time. It was really good slathered with homemade pesto.


Now the soup! I followed this celery soup recipe from 101 Cookbooks. It was good at the time but I can hardly bear to look at it now. I added a few noodles because I saw someone else do it... mistake. Kinda gluey after awhile. Plus, it makes a lot.

Celery Soup

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sprout said...

that looks so yummy!