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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hello 2009

Even though the world is feeling a little uncertain and strange to me these days, there is plenty to look forward to in a new year. Last night we welcomed 2009 in a unique way, Jell-O Slip and Slide anyone?

Happy New Year

2009 Resolutions:
1. Read more books than the previous year
2. Take my vitamins!

(I only make resolutions I know I can keep, but that vitamin one might be tricky)

Anyone else have a goal for 2009?


erriott said...

find my favourite star and chart its movements throughout the year! i want to make a big wall banner i can draw its path on to wrap around my room.

i want to jell-o slip'n'slide!

A. said...

i definitely need to start taking more vitamins too!

Jill said...

E: lovely idea.
A: we'll do it together!