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Monday, January 19, 2009

Arctic Blasted Embroidery

After I had finished all of my handmade holiday gifts but was still trapped in the house due to snow... I attempted to keep my sanity by making Arctic Blast 2008 gifts.

I decided to customize hankies for a couple of friends based on their interests. One likes to dress up as Link from the Legend of Zelda and has high hopes for convincing a tattoo artist to inscribe a triforce on his hand. (I know, he's a lot cooler than he sounds). It was kinda obvious what type of hankie to make him.


The other likes really insane movies that basically freak me out yet nonetheless intrigue me. Like, nunsploitation...this stuff is for real? Wanting to keep with the idea of nuns but not wanting to do any horrific embroidery, I decided to go with a G-rated angle.


As far as I could tell, they were excited by the product of my nerdiness celebrating their nerdiness.

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Taune said...

wow, that nun is awesome!