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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Yoga Mat Bag

I tried to be so sneaky with this birthday present. I knew I wanted to make Molly a bag for her yoga mat... but you know, it had to be a surprise. I went to the shop where she purchased it and took a few measurements. I was so excited I got right to work on it using this tutorial.

Yoga Mat Bag

As I was attaching the bottom circular piece I suddenly had a feeling the circumference of the bag was too small. I debated what to do and decided to play it safe. I would have to borrow Molly's mat so I could be absolutely sure the bag would fit.

Yoga Mat Bag

The good news is that the bag fits. The bad news is that because the mat is a bit tacky, it's difficult to slide it in and out (not to mention the gift was over a month late!).

But you know, I think it gets the job done.


Chelsea said...

I hear slipping a plastic bag over the end helps with slipping it through.

Jill said...

Genius! Thanks for the tip, I'll pass it along!

Molly said...

i love my bag! thanks, jill!!!
p.s.the bag trick is a must.