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Monday, May 3, 2010

Tofu Sushi

Always have friends who can cook and cook well! An important life lesson, I believe.

Tofu Sushi

This past weekend I headed out to the desert to visit Frances and her culinary skills. For dinner she readied all the bits and pieces for sushi while I pan-fried some tofu. We rolled it all together and had delicious vegetarian sushi.

Tofu Sushi

It was so good we ate it again for lunch the next day. These pictures are from my rolls which were a bit heavy on the rice. I actually cut them in half to avoid that unpleasant "Oh my I might just choke on this little bundle of yum" feeling.


Chelsea said...

Oh, I love veggie tofu. I bet you've had it with sweet potato? To die for!

Jill said...

What? Sweet potato!? Crazy!