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Friday, June 4, 2010


When I sewed up my spring top back in April, the accent broach was my favorite part. It's so simple, but really pretty (in my opinion!). All it takes is cutting out a few circles, making a few folds, and stitching it all together. Total time commitment: 20 minutes.

I wore the broach everywhere for the next few weeks. I even made a new friend when it fell off my sweater on my way to dinner. The chap that found it put it in a safe place until my return. After that, I decided he's my new best man-who-sits-on-the-corner-in-a-comfy-chair friend, but I haven't told him that.

Thinking that my students might like a broach of their own, I decided to make 19 mini versions as an end of the school year gift. I didn't know how well received a handmade gift would be in this culture... but they liked them!

Unfortunately, I couldn't capture any photos of the broaches on the girls because they left in a chaotic swirl of Arabic screaming the last day of school.

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