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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Luggage Tags

It's a very lonely feeling to be the last one standing at the empty baggage carousel after a long international flight having only collected one of your two checked pieces. And it's a very frustrating feeling to realize that you did not put ID tags on your luggage.

But it's a very happy feeling to have your luggage delivered directly to your door the next day.

In order to avoid repeating a very foolish mistake, I decided to sew up a few luggage tags for my return trip. Originally I planned to use oil cloth and clear vinyl, but ended up using the same material used for reusable shopping bags. The clear vinyl proved too finicky to work with, so it went out the door as well.

I printed out a sheet of address labels from The Small Object onto a thick cardstock to serve as the informative bit. I filled out my details, tucked the paper snugly inside, and attached the tag.

I'm very please to report that the tags survived their maiden voyage to Abu Dhabi, keeping my luggage identifiable the entire ride.

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erriott said...

oh my god, i LOVE these!