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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Adventure Awaits Apron

When I saw this fabric at Bolt a few weeks ago, I knew it I had to use it for something. It didn't take me very long to decide just what to sew. My friends who were married earlier this summer are heading out on a three month honeymoon through Europe... so an apron featuring travel destinations seemed like the perfect shower gift for the bride.

I didn't complete it in time for the shower... but since I had already made her the picnic sets, I figured that was okay.

I followed the basic measurements from Bend the Rules Sewing and added a quick little square pocket.

The bride liked it... and someone else did too!


joanne said...


Wendy said...

Really, Jill....Lazy? You? I almost died laughing when I read your comment. Hmmmm..... I think you are seriously selling yourself short! I LOVE your photography! Some of the photos you have taken during your travels are magazine worthy! You have a great eye for lines and composition.....

Hope you are enjoying your time stateside!

PS.... lovely apron. I think the cat is less than thrilled, though...hehe

Jamie said...

Very nice apron! Love the fabric. Kitty looks so nice in it! :)