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Friday, July 23, 2010

Picnic for Two

I really like picnics. Food just tastes better when you eat it while sitting on the ground. Since picnics make me happy, I decided I should pass some happiness over to my soon-to-be wed friends. You can never have too much!

Hopefully they will take many picnics together with their new placemat/utensil/napkin rolls.

I really enjoyed sewing this project. First, because it's always more fun to sew for the ones you love, and second, because it was easy but involved enough to keep me interested. I think I'd even like to make myself a pair...

I looked at a few different rolls before deciding to read through this tutorial. The brown stripe on the outside I added myself to break up that big chunk of tealy blue. I like it.

So did the bride.

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Jamie said...

Those are really cute Jill!