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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bibs and a Bag

When Julia designed my mom's birthday card this year, she requested "anything baby" in return. I was happy to oblige her.

Because I wanted to make something practical yet simple, I decided on bibs.

There are several patterns out there, but I selected the Best Bib pattern. The bibs were easy enough to sew up and the perfect way to use small amounts of the cute print fabrics I've been saving. I would have liked to try a more prominent quilting design, but I couldn't find batting anywhere. The flannel I used instead didn't do much to plump the bibs up enough. Oh well.

I wanted to throw in a little something extra for Julia's birthday so I sewed up a hobo sack. I had been wanting to try this project for a long time. I've since found a similar pattern with less steps to follow that I like a lot better.

Hope you like them, Julia!

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Jamie said...

Cute bibs! I love the prints!