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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Millet Muffins and Roasted Strawberries

This breakfast was four days in the making and kind of a disappointment. I had such high hopes too.


Day 1 I carefully measured, mixed, and labeled the dry ingredients for two different recipes. I packed them up and brought them to Molly's house for baking. It was only after I put the muffins in the oven that I realized I used the wrong dry ingredients. Flour and powdered sugar produce more of a rock than a muffin. Oops!

Day 2 was spent pulling the dry ingredients together again but due to time limitations only baking the non-muffin recipe.

Day 3 the muffins were baked and the strawberries roasted, but my appetite wasn't there.

Day 4 it was finally time. I warmed up the muffins, reheated the strawberries, added a little butter and... meh. Didn't really like it. The strawberries were ok but the muffin was weird. Too lemony and the millet was crunchy.

But in case you're so inclined, both recipes are in this post on Bliss, but were blogged by Scaling Back, and originally belong to Heidi Swanson. Complex.

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