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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Blog in Four Parts

Wow. Lots of delight to share this time. (And lots of photos too!)

1. In a previous post I hinted about a new project...well I finally did it. I used a little paper, a few boxes, and some modgepodge to go from this:

To this:It doesn't look like much, but when your bathroom is more like a cave (dark and damp!) anything helps. I haven't been wanting to put anything up that will ruin easily, so I think this is a decent solution. And trust me, it looks better in person.

2. I finished the Palindrome scarf. It was way faster than the Irish Hiking scarf. If you are thinking they look similar... you're right. The Palindrome is basically a double sided Irish Hiker, more or less.

3. Yesterday a beautiful little package of yarn arrived on my doorstep, much to my surprise. A package on Veterans Day! The Rowan is for a hat and the Debbie Bliss a secret-something-else.

4. The hip little ladies of Garden Street hosted a Bake-Off last night. Theme: Childhood favorites. A delicious potato dish took first prize, and this little piggy came in second:


nikki said...

I absolutely love that scarf. It's quite lovely. The piggie is cute too. Bravo!

Taune said...

yay, the pig looks cute!

Knitty Gritty Thoughts said...

What a beautiful scarf - I love the tweedy brown look!