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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thankful for Knitting (and my sister)

Thanksgiving break was so relaxing this year. (Can I call it "break" eventhough I'm no longer in school? as a student!) I didn't do the crazy run around see everyone I love in the span of a few days. Instead...I relaxed on the couch with the kitties and my sister, watching bad movies (really bad), and knitting! What did I work on?

1. Liz's Scarf: I continued to work on Liz's scarf with plans to finish it. Except... I kind of messed up big time, and had to undo about 3 inches. (Which takes forever!) I tried to make up time by knitting in the car while driving (as a passenger) to Powell's...but there's plenty left to do. New goal: Thursday 11/29.

2. Secret Something: I will say, this project is my first time knitting in the round with DPNs. Something I've been shying away from. Big fat thanks to my sister for her patience and help. And I only made tiny mess ups! I'm very proud. Here's a sneak peak, it will probably look like a gray yarny blob...but really it's gray yarny love!

PS: I also finished a non-knitting project. Will post when I get some decent light in my room. (Gosh, that's funny)


Julie said...

i love to see all your cute knitting projects! you are so crafty :)

jana said...

your movie taste is unreasonable. and woot woot on the knitting blob.