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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Nest Tote

The knit blogging is back.

I told a friend I'd make her something for her birthday. And then... I just couldn't think of what to make. With less than a week to the deadline, I finally figured it out. This environmentally friendly lady would appreciate a nest tote/produce bag! But of course obligations interfered and it was a late night of furious knitting to make it in time. I totally didn't. But only a week late... and considering she lives an hour + drive away, I think that's pretty good.

This was my first successful lace project. Probably the easiest pattern ever. I also figured out that whole i-cord thing, amazing really. Want to make your own? Go here.

Delivery of the tote came just in time to make a run to Pike Place Market.

Nest Tote

It's also the first item to get a Pilliebee label!

Nest Tote


nikki said...

yayayayayayay :) Thanks jill! i lurv it!

sandra said...

so, jill. will you make me something and put it through luftpost? you're stuff is gorgeous and lovely, and i wonder where you take all the time from to make such handcrafted beauties.