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Saturday, April 5, 2008

No Eggs In This Quiche!

When I visit my mom, it's always nice to do some cooking for her. Being cooked for is one of her favorite things. So I started to scout vegweb. Have you been there? Amazing veg-recipes of all sorts. Check it out. Cook something. Bake something. Tell me about it. A photo on flickr got me in the mood for quiche, so quiche it was. I've lately had a curiosity about traditional egg dishes that don't call for eggs. I needed to give it a go. I settled on this recipe for a spinach quiche.

Note: Growing up I loved eggs. Egg salad sandwich was just about the best culinary invention to me. Over the past few years as I learned more about the factory farming industry, I struggled with the egg issue. Dating a vegan lead me to using egg-replacer, which is great. But then I got my own chickens and that whole cruelty issue was moot. I could totally go back to eating eggs, right? Um... have you ever collected fresh eggs? They are streaked with brown. Now, I'm pretty sure this is mud (chicken droppings are actually multi-colored), but it was enough for me to say "no thanks" to eggs for good. Plus, I cracked an egg and it was like looking at a gooey baby Adele.

The making of this quiche had some interesting surprises. I called out, "Ok, slight setback!" to my mom several times. In the end, our breakfast turned into a late brunch. Adventures in cooking, you know.

I followed the recipe pretty closely. I used less spinach, which was good, because it was still a bit much. I added turmeric for color and a bit more garlic. The recipe comes with tons of comments and variations people have tried. More garlic came up a few times. Think about that if you make it. Also think about that it calls for a pre-baked pie shell...(setback #1). Then think about if you weighted the empty pie shell enough...(setback #2). I didn't use soy cheese. I used the real deal being at my mom's house with real parmesan cheese handy.

Overall the quiche was pretty good. We have a lot left over. It would be good for a breakfast party. And does it taste like egg? I thought so. My mom said no. We both agreed the texture could pass.

Want to see it?

Egg-less Quiche (after)

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