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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Creation Overload / Sugar Scrub

Do you ever get so inspired that you can't sleep at night? Like, there's a million things you want to create and put together and line up? Sunday night, that was me. It has toned down a bit but... don't take long walks by yourself in Portland unless you want your inspiration to amp right back up.

Not that this is suddenly my personal dear diary blog, but I finally connected the dots about my career path anxiety. I think it was right around the time when I passed the man sitting outside on the sidewalk in the lower half of a snowsuit. (It was probably 80 degrees out). I was so tempted to take photos, especially of the front yard bedecked with christmas decor and Thomas the Tank Engine, but... I wasn't sure about the degree of friendliness in my immediate surroundings (read: the woman who remarked on my outfit as I walked by: "some people are all fashion" [not in a good way]). All that to say I'm blowing up with handmade love over here.

Since I've brought up the subject of personal hygiene... let's keep going. I made a sugar scrub yesterday. Now in addition to washing my hair with baking soda, I'm washing my body with sugar. There's a recipe here, and below is how I changed it (besides doubling).

Blood Orange Sugar Scrub

Mixed a cup of sugar with a half cup of canola oil. Added a few teaspoons of lemon juice. I didn't have any essential oils (I don't think I'm an EO person), so I experimented a bit. I grated the skin of a blood orange and mixed it in. It made it smell nice and the little flecks of orange peel look really pretty. Note: The recipe calls for a plastic jar. If you make this, use glass. Essential oils will soak in to the plastic and you don't want that.

Blood Orange Sugar Scrub

I used the scrub today. A little goes a long way. I accidently slathered too much on my left arm, but it was pretty smooth and glowy all day.

And this morning was day #2 for washing my hair with baking soda (I didn't use the vinegar). I'm still very happy with the results.

Oh. And I got a haircut. It was part of that Sunday-night-inspiration-anxiety-I-need-changes deal I mentioned. But in order to take a photo of it I had to hang my camera from a tree. This is what you get.

In which she tries to take a photo of her new haircut by hanging her camera in a tree.


nikki said...

I bet the new body wash tastes better than the new shampoo ;)

Julia said...

I love the sugar scrub recipe, thanks so much for sharing. I had been using plain sugar on my face ever since Carmindy on What Not to Wear suggested it (and because I am cheap) So tonight I made the scrub and used coconut and vanilla extract and I am just so pleased with myself. In your face Bath and Body Works!

Jill said...

julia: ooohhh... i bet you smell nice!