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Monday, November 24, 2008


I discovered one of the easiest classroom management tools is to challenge students to guess what kind of pet I have. Guaranteed it will take them all day to come up with it, even with hints. Such as: "I have so many of them that I can't count them." Honestly, the next guess after that clue was, "Kangaroos!?" No.

Worms! Red wigglers. Composting with worms is absolutely fascinating... to me. I've found it takes a certain sort of conversation partner to really let me blabble on to my heart's content. Especially now that I've read this book, I have a whole new understanding of these creatures.

Since yesterday was a sunny day, I took advantage of the lighting and dumped out my worm bin. Although worms can't see the light, they can sense it and will scurry deeper down into the compost. All you have to do is scrape off the top at 10 minute intervals. Eventually you will have collected as much compost as you can get without harming the wigglers. Did you know... that a worm can die if left exposed to light and heat for as little as 3 minutes? Yikes!


I also discovered that my worms are going to have babies! There were tons of little worm pods getting ready to hatch. If anybody needs worms... my bin will soon be overcrowded.


While I waited for my worms to scurry down deeper, I planted crocuses and ranunculus around my front yard. I was really excited to finally get the bulbs I purchased in September into the ground. However, this morning I found that the squirrels were equally excited. Every single hole I dug for the flowers had been riffled through! Now, I like urban wildlife, but come on little squirrels... you've already ravaged my daffodils and tulips!

And something else exciting in front yard news... cosmos appeared in my yard out of nowhere this month. Since when do cosmos bloom in November?


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