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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Apple Picking in Los Angeles

Griffith Park

Not really. For my birthday Taune gifted me a lovely little bag that she sewed herself! I'm such a sucker for handmade gifts...with good reason. I've spent many loving and frustrated hours crafting for friends and family and completely appreciate the effort involved. So much more special than picking something off a shelf (in most cases), but of course if anyone wanted to buy me this or this, I'm all for that too.

Apple Picking Bag

Back to the bag. It's the Apple Picking pattern from The Purl Bee and let me tell you why it's perfect:
A. nice and roomy
B. perfect width straps to not dig into your shoulders
C. made with love
D. totally cute

Pictures taken at Griffith Park in Los Angeles.


tryingtobegreener said...

What a cute bag! Love Purl Bee store - you's have so much fun there!

Jill said...

Oh I bet! The online shop is superb... I can't imagine visiting in person. The next time I'm in NYC...