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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Professional Housewarmer? Is that a job?

Housewarming Apron

So I might be addicted to sewing aprons. Each apron I make I love a little bit more than the last. My current favorite went to a co-worker for her housewarming party (which I couldn't attend, what's new?). I dropped it by her desk Friday morning and was thrilled with her reaction. She liked it.

Housewarming Apron

I found the fabric in the vintage inspired section of my local craft shop and again followed the basic guidelines in Bend the Rules Sewing. For the ties I decided to halfway follow the BTRS directions but instead of cutting the ties at an angle, I folded the ends over like I'd seen on other aprons I own. I like this approach for saving time and fabric.

Housewarming Apron

It seemed like the apron needed a little something extra so I whipped up a little felt flower using the colors found in the fabric. It turned out being my favorite part of the entire project. My first thought was to sew it on... fortunately it occurred to me that for washing ease and styling preferences pinning it on would be more practical.

Housewarming Apron

I'm already planning my next apron for another co-worker's request...


Wendy said...

You want to come "warm" my house? Very nice apron. I got a new apron pattern of etsy today. Hope to get some time to make some aprons.

Jill said...

Wendy: I can't believe you don't have time to sit around and sew aprons all day... you only have 4 kids. :)

Julia said...

Love! I'm so glad I helped begin this apron sewing kick...