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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Warming Houses in Absentia

Circumstances beyond my control kept me from two very fabulous house warming parties this weekend. But, I still like to think I warmed the shit out of those houses... even two hours away.

I sent up some house warming packages to spread the cheer I couldn't bring. The same circumstances beyond my control prevented me from fully realizing my original concept, but I still would have been pumped to receive what I ended up pulling together: homemade jam, tea, and handmade cloth napkins.

House Warming

My favorite piece is the napkins. Now, if you've ever talked with me about sewing, you are probably well versed in my complaints. I hate sewing. My mom and my sister always talk way over my head which utlimately leads to very dramatic sewing projects. But not really this time. Of course, I was only sewing squares. But still. Even more, I can now officially thread the needle and the bobbin... and I've only been shown roughly 25 times. Here they are:

Cloth Napkins

I bought the fabric at Bolt, next door to where I got my haircut last week. Probably my new favorite neighborhood in Portland, as mentioned here.

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