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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fancy Magnets

I went to a basement sale the other day. I fought the urge to buy more chairs. Instead, I walked away with just a few little treasures... a new cookbook, a scarf, a jar opener, and the makings for fancy magnets.

The ladies putting on the sale must have had a thing for old fashioned brooches... personally, I don't. Still, I had to hold myself back from buying all the pieces up. I attached magnets to the backs and voila:

Fancy Magnets

Quite a bit fancier than our alphabet magnets.

Fancy Magnets

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nikki said...

Look who's warming the shit out of her own house :) Good idea! When are you guys going to do the housewarming thang? I believe I'll be down to the Couv the weekend of Nov. 21....