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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Crackers Are Expensive...

and I love them. So I made my own. I was so excited to make these all week. And being excited about making your own crackers is something you can only share with certain people. Sometimes it's a lonely existence.

For my first time, I'd say they are pretty good. I need to roll out the dough a bit thinner next time. A few were too thick so they didn't turn out crunchy enough.

Vegan "Cheese" Crackers

I used this recipe, but used nutritional yeast for flavor instead of the cheese powder to make them vegan. (And the dough was way too crumbly so I added a bit more water).

A box of crackers can run you about $3. For these I only needed to spend $.70 on instant yeast. All of the other ingredients are so basic, you're likely to have them on hand.

Vegan "Cheese" Crackers

It's so exciting to have to buy one less item now at the grocery store. Crossing crackers and shampoo off the list.

Here's the no-shampoo update: It's been a week. No shampoo. 6 washes with baking soda. 2 rinses with vinegar. 3 separate touch tests. 2 separate smell tests (1 sober, 1 drunk). All positive marks and one inquiry of "Your hair smells good. How do you grow that smell?" Another question raised, "Does your hair absorb smells like baking soda does?" Still investigating.

Throw out your shampoo people!


lbk said...

you're just too awesome.

nikki said...

those crackers look freakin delicious...they look like "sociables". Flaky yumminess. Yeast is good on popcorn- tried that before?

Jill said...

thanks nikki. i like nutritional yeast on popcorn, but not really brewers yeast, which seems to be somewhat popular these days. never had to do the brewers refill at the pickford though.

ashley said...

i've been wanting to stop using shampoo for a little while, and recently bought a big bottle of vinegar...i'm curious as to whether or not you're still doing this a few months later? hmmmm? oh, [birthday contest]