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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Vegan Shortbread Stars

Vegan Shortbread Stars

When I was in Los Angeles I had this tremendous craving to bake shortbread cookies. I finally got around to it a few days later. I thought it might be a little tough to find a vegan recipe, but nah... there are quite a few out there. I picked through and finally settled on this one from Get Sconed. It's fun to find local blogs. I decided to make mine stars and skip the ganache. I also made them a bit thicker so baking took closer to 12 minutes.

I would happily bake these again and am thinking about bringing them along to an upcoming beach trip.

Vegan Shortbread Stars

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tryingtobegreener said...

There's nothing like a piece of shortbread and a cup of tea. Yours look delicious!