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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Napkins to Pack


My scout in Abu Dhabi mentioned she had a hard time finding cloth napkins. When I combined this information with the knowledge that Stitchcraft is selling it's remaining fabric at $5 a yard... I settled on a quick little project to keep myself busy during the Great Wait of '09.

During this project I abandoned the style of corners I had been so excited about this spring. Now, instead of snipping off the raw corners, I just fold the fabric over. This way I don't have exposed raw edges if the sides don't line up correctly. (Except reading the tutorial again, that's pretty much what it's telling you to do... I just didn't follow it from memory very accurately!)

It seems a little silly to pack your own cloth napkins... but they certainly don't weigh much. And you just never know when you might need one...

(Currently flying over the US...)

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