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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Cherry Heart Tarts: How They Came to Be

Read the title. That's a combination of my week last week. I made some cherry heart tarts, and I taught a lesson on subtitles. ("They give us a little more information, so we really have a good idea of what the book will be about...") 4th grade is the best grade, sidenote.

So Cherry Heart Tarts and How They Came to Be... I could really back this story up and take you to several months ago, but I won't. Here's the slightly shortened version...

I came across this photo (below) from Bakerella on flickr when I was creating a V-Day mosaic. Click here to see finished mosaic.

That got me totally in the mood for cherry pie...a mood I hadn't particularly been in for roughly a year, since last year's International Women's Day cake contest (below, far left). I don't think I need to explain why. (Don't get me wrong, totally into the art of the vagina-cake, but some "decoration" is just too much for me.)

International Women's Day Cake Contest

Then I happened upon this post at Not Martha, "to make: tiny pies." This comment in particular got my mental-pie-making-wheels spinning,

"I think you could do more free form pies without the shallow, gentle-sloping muffin tine. Cut larger circles of dough, either with a circle or free-form, and fold the edges over to make mini "rustic tarts." You can bake these on a cookie sheet then! Comment by Anastasia"

I'm just going to be honest and say I had a hard time getting the temptation of cherry pies out of my head. Then I was all, "Oh they could be shaped like hearts." AND I had to make them in time for the weekend because I had some out of town guests I could easily force feed if necessary. Do you understand how the universe was making me bake cherry pies?

I could only resist so long.

Cherry Heart Tarts
Cherry Heart Tarts

They turned out pretty nice. I didn't exactly know how long to bake them, especially considering our oven is fickle. About 9 minutes seemed to do it.

That's pretty much the story of Cherry Heart Tarts.


Julie said...

Those cherry pies were delicious! :)

Flo Finklestein said...

I was just looking around the internet for some pictures of the Queen of Hearts who baked some tarts, and happened across this post. Yours are so beautiful.

In fact, you're whole blog is gorgeous to look at and read.

Thanks for blogging,