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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Diamond Handwarmers

Finally, another secret project can be revealed!

Diamond Handwarmers

A lovely friend, DickDawg, had a birthday last week. She's one of those totally beautiful girls with a good sense of humor, a degree that will earn a (good) living, and a boyfriend from Hawaii. Yet, despite it all she remembers her roots and still maintains contact with her friend from high school whose degree will not earn a (good) living and has no boyfriend from Hawaii (referring to myself here). What more could I do than send her a hand-knit pair of handwarmers?

I loved knitting up this pattern. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. The thumb technique was hassle free... no picking up stitches, yay! I followed the updated pattern from the pdf file using the "A" size. They turned out a bit tight around the fingers, but will stretch as she wears them. Thanks to Ruth at KnittingBloggyBlog for the pattern.

And if you ever want to gaze upon many pairs of fingerless mitts/handwarmers at once, take a peek at this KAL: Fingerless Mitts for Fall.

I should also add, the lovely lady at NW Handspun Yarns gave me a tutorial on how to wind yarn using the wool winder and swift with the yarn for these handwarmers. I'm surprised I'd never done it before... and now that I've made it through the horribly embarrassing taking her words too literally ("ok you might have to flip the yarn over..." and then I dismantle the whole thing to take the skein off, flip over, and remount the swift "oh...I just meant lift this piece up.") I'm very excited to wind all my yarn. Maybe I'll take the reserves home and wind it on my sister's contraption... Enough.

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