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Monday, February 25, 2008

Oh Woe...Yoga Bag

I've been working on this yoga bag for a week or so. It was my first lace pattern and it wasn't hard. But it is driving me crazy. I dropped a stitch somewhere and my first four inches unraveled. So I started over. Then something kept happening whenever the pattern would start over... as in the lacework didn't match up. Grrr...

Currently seeking a new yoga bag pattern.


Liz said...

a yoga bag? how adorable. i tried with the cake, but of course i'm not as domesticated as you. justin said my lost valentine arrived so im excited to see it. any more run ins with your janitorial lover, rusty?

Julia said...

pillie. did you still want to trade a knit item for a blog masthead? le slouch is irresistible.