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Friday, February 15, 2008

Le Slouch Deux

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About a month ago a friend came for a visit. As I was showing off my newly knit hat, Le Slouch, to the videostore clerk (a friend I'd made a different hat for before, so not entirely weird), my friend took notice. I think there was a conversation that went something like:

"You made that? Make me one."

"Buy me yarn."

She picked out this really pretty color, don't remember the code. She tells me "jewel tones" are in style. The yarn is Cascade 220.

I'm not exactly sure what happened when I knit it...I started with the right number of stitches, then after the band and all the increases, I was a few stitches off, on the small side. I guessed it would be ok because my Slouch as stretched out A LOT. But... It didn't seem to have quite the right amount of slouchy-ness when she tried it on. I think she just needs to treat it like her favorite hat, and get it all nice and slouchy.

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