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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Le Slouch

Le Slouch

During the holidays I was sucked into a very late night internet search for the perfect hat. I finally found it. I dashed to the yarn shop the next day and got busy. Much to my dismay, it was starting to knit up way too small. And I swear I checked the guage. Conferring with my sister we decided "there's no way that's gonna fit on a head." I scrapped the plan and knit up a different little project.

Back in Bellingham I thought I should try again. I picked out new yarn at NW Handspun Yarns and talked the lovely lady there into bolstering my confidence. She did. I'm glad.

It took two weeks due to some stopping and starting...ripping out at least an inch...and then naturally I couldn't knit with the wild kitten running around the house that lived with us for two days. (I actually hid my knitting...I was terrified.)

I finished today and declare Le Slouch (available at KnitandTonic) ... my favorite hat.

Le Slouch

There are a few little oopsies in there. I'm starting to finally learn to trust the pattern! I don't know why it's so hard for me.


Taune said...

it turned out beautiful! i approve :)

jana said...

favorite hat after the urchin you mean.

nikki said...

goodness gracious i miss you. Might you be available for dinner next monday with taune and me in mt. vernon? hmm?