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Monday, January 28, 2008

The Vancouver Tornado

A few weeks ago, a tornado hit Vancouver. So strange. I got a text from a friend saying "A tornado hit Hazel Dell Fred Meyer." Um... what?!

Apparently it started on Vancouver Lake, the banks of which my grandparents live on. Then it headed over to Hazel Dell, the cusp of which my mother lives on. I'm almost surprised it didn't zip over to Salmon Creek to get my dad and my aunt. Well, everyone was ok. (So thankful). My mom, who is typically scared of wind, was actually a little bummed that she missed the action. She did however, hop down to my grandparents' house to take some photos.

This one is my favorite. Its a house down the street from my grandparents', and luckily no one was hurt.

Other favorite tidbit from the storm... They found a fish from Vancouver Lake in someone's front yard... a mile and a half away.

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Julie said...

I still can't believe Vancouver had a tornado...I didn't know that was possible!! Too bad you missed out on the fun Tornado drill...crowded in a hallway with the rest of the school in a ball on the floor with our heads really missed out on some kid's foot up your butt! :)