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Monday, January 7, 2008

Buggy Mitts

When I stumbled across this pattern for Buggy Mitts several weeks ago, I knew I had to knit it. Lucky for me I have a neat four year old friend to receive them! I showed him the pattern on the computer and he was pretty pumped. He asked me all that day if they were ready yet... nothing else comes close as far as motivation goes.

When I got back in town after the holidays, I figured I better get my buns in gear. It took about two days, and some beetle buggy mitts were born.

Buggy Mittens

I had a few issues during the knit-up. Somehow after the thumb gusset I ended up with 2 fewer stitches then intended. This happened on both mittens so I decided not to worry about it. I also haven't mastered having stripes that actually line up... but what do four year olds care right? And I should say, the photo below may not show it (due to privacy) but this little boy was smiling. He was pretty into these little buggies... and was reasonable when I talked him out of wearing them on his feet like slippers.

Buggy Mittens

I also made some adjustments to the finishing part of the pattern. I just thought buttons would be better eyes than felt (but they were tricky to sew on...!) ... and I don't know how to crochet... so the little feelers I just tied on in a more appropriate place (my opinion) instead of crocheting a chain at the finger tips. Not sure how well I like the outcome of that change... but a bug's a bug!

Buggy Mittens


nikki said...

first to comment! yes!

The mittens are adorable, and so is that little boy! :)

Julie said...

Those are super cute! Are you nannying for some new families? That little boy almost looks exactly like a little boy I used to watch, although its hard to tell exactly from the pic! Lol...