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Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Handmade Gift For You

I've been doing the Swap-Bot thing. It's pretty fun. Actually, I think I might be over it. I signed up (a very long time ago) for a swap called, "Handmade Gift For You." I really really like the way mine turned out.

My partner said she did crafts that involve needles and likes greens, blues, and dragonflies (I'm paraphrasing).

I thought I'd make her things that might be useful, instead of weird clutter handmade by someone she doesn't know and therefore has no emotional attachment to.

First I took a cue from Amy Sedaris and made a crazy-stitch needle book. I whipped up a little dragonfly for decoration. (I made myself a sailboat last year, it's adorable, in that crazy-stitch way).

Dragonfly Needle Book

Then I had to keep with the theme and make her a little pin-cushion. I followed the tutorial from How About Orange and produced this little baby. I think pin-cushions might be my next craft obsession. I've seen several on blogs/flickr that I need, need, need.

Pin Cushion

I added a few goodies too... so on the far off chance my partner sees this post, she'll still be surprised.

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