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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My First Sock (Heel)

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Last week at sock knitting class we tackled the heel. It was a bit of a crazy night... the instructor, Lisa, is fabulous. She was running around grouping and regrouping us to get everyone enough support. Plus, she stayed late with my group to get us to the proper stopping point so we'd be prepared for our homework.

Discoveries made during class:
1. The heel isn't really that bad.

Especially when you have an instructor to walk you through it and classmates' work to compare.

2. I've been twisting my purl stitches!

What? I was always concerned about my knit stitches, got that worked out awhile ago. Purling was so off my radar. It took a K1 S1, P pattern to finally bring it to light. I had some really neat spirals going down my heel. Apparently, knitting this way is the preferred technique in the Middle East. It's like the time I spontaneously started to pronounce French words in the Quebecqois style to the shock (and amusement) of my French teacher.

Tomorrow night we do the toe!

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