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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Wall Art

I seem to be one of those people who never know what to put up on the walls. Usually I decide to forget any planning, and just start sticking stuff up there... trying not to worry if items go together or even look good. For my new bedroom (new as in August '07), I didn't stray from the plan.

Way back when I was inspired by, surprise surprise, How About Orange and this tutorial for a fabric wall panel. Who wouldn't want to cover large portions of their wall in one big swoop? And the idea is it's a cheap project, right? Not if you fall in love with Japanese fabric from this shop. I actually made this in November... but the whole absence of sunlight in my bedroom was an issue until today.

Tree Wall Art 2

So that wall was pretty well off, but I still had another. Finding other internet/craft store inspiration, I made another large piece to cover a large space. And this one was actually cheap. It's four canvases painted pink and a piece of scrapbook paper modge-podged in the middle. My only irritant is the bubbles that would not smooth out. Oh well.

Tree Wall Art 1

Are you noticing the tree theme? I could justify my love of trees with a few cute anecdotes, but I won't. I just like trees, ok? See how these two big pieces of wall art aren't horrible next to each other? It's a good thing I didn't give it much thought.

Tree Wall Art 3


jana said...

ohhhh please! i do believe that you made the fabric wall panel as much as i did! come on, you cant take all the credit.

Jill said...

that's what happens when you make me BEG for your help!

Taune said...

i love the fabric! i have a wall panel tutorial bookmarked, but the one you used looks a lot better. inspiration!

Liz said...

i love the art! you are such a crafty woman, cox.