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Saturday, August 9, 2008

When The Raspberries Came to Town: Jam & Pie

The raspberry craze continued at The Homestead, only it got a little crazier.

A co-worker gave me about 2lbs of raspberries in addition to the berries I picked myself. It's not like berries last forever so a serious "housewife" day was in order.

First up was jam. We decided to use this recipe from this cute little blog, Laura Rebecca's Kitchen. It was a fairly fast concoction considering it was freezer jam and not the full-on cooked variety. We strained as many seeds out of the crushed berries as we could while still having enough berry mixture, and I'd recommend it. Seeds can be so irritating. After letting the jam sit for 24 hours it was ready to be taste-tested. Super sweet but excellent with Earth Balance on baguette. Behold.

Housewifery Out of Control Jam

Up next came Raspberry Nectarine Pie. Wow. I think this might be my favorite pie of all time. Tart and sweet and beautiful colors. The crust was perfect and not overwhelming. I was actually sad when I opened the fridge and found an empty place where the pie had been. In the spirit of Waitress we named it "Housewifery Out of Control Pie."

We used this recipe from this other cute little blog, Participation Breeds Revolution, and this recipe for the crust. We made two pies at once...Molly on one, and me on the other. One went straight to our tummies, the other to our neighbors as a "thank you" for being vigilantes about our chickens and caterpillar invasion, in addition to just being cool laid back neighbors.

Watch the process.

Housewifery Out of Control Pie Crust

Housewifery Out of Control Pie

Housewifery Out of Control Pie

Housewifery Out of Control Pie

What else was there for us to do but fully take on the role of housewife?

Housewifery Out of Control

Housewifery Out of Control

(more Housewifery-Out-of-Control photos here)

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