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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

When The Raspberries Came to Town: Muffins

Having approximately 5lbs of raspberries in the fridge of course prompted "Raspberry Baking Day." My friendly friend, Taune, came over for a few flour flying hours of putting our raspberries to good use.

She decided to make this little number. I can't really tell you how well it turned out... there was a mishap with the baking time and my sample was actually raw. But... I was told that an extra 25 minutes in the oven produced delicious cake-like White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Bars (not vegan).

I opted for raspberry muffins. Finding a recipe was surprisingly difficult. I decided to use this one, with a few changes (soymilk for milk, egg replacer for eggs, Earth Balance for butter).

I liked the result, but so did the fruit flies.

Raspberry Muffins

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Taune said...

shh -- we're not telling people that i tried to give you salmonella ...