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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Here We Come a-Waffling


Last weekend some friends were in town. We decided to seek out some amazing waffle sandwiches at Flavour Spot. I thought I had read something about Flavour Spot having vegan waffles... but in hindsight, what I think I read was someone challenging Flavour Spot to have vegan waffles. I second that challenge and raise our collective group challenge to drop the u.


We hopped down to the Mississippi & Fremont location and promptly started to waffle over our choices. (Ha!) I ended up getting a s'more waffle because I'm a sucker for non-gelatin marshmallow fluff even though it was technically my breakfast. A and J had veggie sausage. It rarely happens to me that after I finish eating something, I want to eat it again. But I really really did. And to add to the deliciousness of the morning, the waffles were decently priced for such a novelty and the waffleteer that handed me mine was kindofababe. (But it's kind of dark inside the waffle cart and I don't want anyone to hold me to that assertion in the future).

Other highlights of the afternoon.


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Wendy said...

Looks yummy. I think the veggie sausage one would be good.