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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Polka Dot Apron

Polka Dot Apron

Another weekend spent with the sewing machine out. Nothing entirely new... another apron! This one for a different co-worker. She asked for brown, turquoise, and brick red... and let me come up with the rest. I got as close to her color request as possible. I was super tempted to Rit dye white ric rac to get it more "turquoisey" but reason interferred, thank goodness.

Polka Dot Apron

This apron was spread out over 3 days, although the actual construction was pretty quick. I just kept hitting road blocks... like realizing at 10pm that I didn't have brown thread, or running out to plant carrots at 8am. I did somehow manage to detail the leaves while simultaneously carrying a conversation with Scott.

Polka Dot Apron

I like the polka dots because they are very happy... and the apron was for quite possibly one of the most cheerful ladies I know.


Wendy said...

You are entirely too energetic. Nice apron.

tryingtobegreener said...

So beautiful in brown - I love it :-)