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Friday, May 20, 2011


Last week Sarah came over for some crafting. I helped her make a few tokens and took up my own little project once she got the hang of it.

I especially like this little guy.

It was nice to pick up the needle and thread again.

Pattern is "Robots and Spaceships" from Tigerpup Embroidery. I just noticed her free patterns page. Love them.


Sarah said...

Aw, these turned out super cute. I like the embarrassed expression on the big robot for being caught in his undies ;)

Jamie said...

These little robots are great! Very cute! Thanks for sharing the link. She has some really super patterns. You've got me itchin' to do some stitchin'. It's been a while.

joanne said...

So so cute. You've motivated me to get started on an embroidery project.