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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Potluck Mittenettes

I used the "yarn-snow debacle" yarn to make this mittenette pattern from Midnight Knitter. I think that's a pretty cute way of saying "fingerless mitts."

It was a pretty quick knit and I only messed them up a couple of times! Originally they were going to be a gift...but... I kinda wanted them. Other reasons apply, but an explanation would erase the surprise. Also, I must mention my knitting assistant on this project, Horatio, who took to sneaking licks at the yarn every so often.

Today I finished them up just in time for some market/library adventures with Molly. Then I put them to the test at a Pickford shift. Later they didn't do so well on a long , long, long walk to Fairhaven via Boulevard Park. My fingers were freezing!

Overall, super happy.

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nikki said...

Horatio? Is there a kitty i don't know about at your house? i, too, appreciate the option of "mittenettes" to "fingerless ____" :) I found the pink and black hat you knitted and gave to me. It shall be put to great use during this cold weather!